Saturday, September 23, 2017

Vera King II: Wormanoid - Chapter 7 Followers Beware

Vera King: Wormanoid
Book 2 in the series.
By: C. S. Warner

Chapter 7
Followers Beware

  The mounting mystery surrounding the black sedan had finally lead to something tangible for Martin. He had followed the infamous vehicle to the parking lot of Spencer Medical Group. That name had been thrown around more than once from Vera in recent weeks, and finding it return to base at none other than where everything had seemed to begin was like winning the lottery for him.
  Parking across the street, Martin pulled out his phone and zoomed in to photo the car and it’s driver as he exited, slamming the door shut behind him. He wore a baseball cap, large sunglasses, and a small book bag, but Martin was still able to get a clear shot of not only his profile, but the license plate; which he immediately sent to his boss, Vera.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Vera King II: Wormanoid - Chapter 6 Watch Dog

Vera King: Wormanoid
Book 2 in the series.
By: C. S. Warner

Chapter 6
Watch Dog

 “Hey, Terrance, Carolena, I’m back!” Lavender’s yell echoed down the hall. “Sorry for running off earlier.” She peeked into each of their empty offices, “Hello?” The door to Lab B, she noticed, stood slightly ajar. Despite the nervous knot tightening in the pit of her stomach, she managed to fight past her hesitation and carefully pushed the door open wider. From the threshold Lavender stood silently and stared, immobile, at the grotesque scene. Lying on the floor in the middle of the room, surrounded by a pool of blood and broken glass, was Terrance.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Vera King II: Wormanoid - Chapter 5 The Theft in the Night

Vera King: Wormanoid
Book 2 in the series.
By: C. S. Warner
Chapter 5
The Theft in the Night

 Another day of monotonous repetition had begun for Carolena Burton. As always, she was the first to arrive at the lab on Monday morning. The door clicked open automatically and the lights in the hall blinked on in recognition. After dropping her purse off in her office and lunch in the mini fridge just as she did every other day, Carolena decided to begin the morning’s research where she had left off on Friday evening: in Lab B.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Cursed Outdoors Media Kit

The Cursed Outdoors

By: C. S. Warner

Camping takes sacrifice.

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 On the bank of a swampy Florida river there lies a small campground. Visitors can enjoy different leisure activities like fishing or hiking -but campers be wary; something diabolical in the water grows impatient.
 Jamie and her husband, Sean, have tagged along for a family vacation. While enjoying the many activities available at the campground, peculiar things begin to happen. Stirring noises in the night and the spread of a strange rash heighten Jamie's fears, but with the help of a new friend, they begin to investigate. On the trails late at night they stumble upon a canal -with secrets of its own. Will they survive the horrors that lie ahead?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Vera King II: Wormanoid - Chapter 4 Hoard

Vera King: Wormanoid
Book 2 in the series.
By: C. S. Warner

Chapter 4

 Left, forgotten for the night, in a glass examination jar atop a table in Lab B, one of the clear, round egg-like sacs that Vera King had brought in for examination (its once small black spot almost completely filling the sphere) jiggled.
Creak… The door to the room slowly opened and, with light footsteps, someone entered, cautious to close it back behind them as delicately as possible. The entrant raised the lid of the saltwater tank and one by one scooped the remainder of the balls out into a cooler, locking its lid tightly. Without closing the tank back, the person quietly stepped out of the room; the lone ball in the jar jiggled again.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Vera King II: Wormanoid - Chapter 3 Vera's Night Out

Vera King: Wormanoid
Book 2 in the series.
By: C. S. Warner

Chapter 3
Vera’s Night Out

 Small green and blue spotlights illuminated the driveway and shone bright upon the six-story hotel like a nightclub. High above the covered entrance, a matching green and blue neon sign read ‘Bayside Resort’ while the rhythmic sound of waves crashed just beyond it. From behind a small podium, a valet in a navy coat hurried around to the driver’s side of Vera’s car. “Ma’am,” he said as he opened her door.

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