Monday, July 4, 2016

Born Dead

Born Dead

C. S. Warner

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A family get-together goes awry when phantoms in the night come out, but were they always there, or is Ken and Carol's daughter the light that drew them out?
Ken's Army duties have moved he and his family from base to base causing his parents to become fearful that their granddaughter was growing too old too fast without them. They have insisted that he make time to bring his wife, Carol, and their three year old, Kat, to stay the long weekend along with his sister, Anna, her husband, Mike, and their four year old, Trisha. Noises and strangers enter in the night causing Ken and Carol to question their daughter's innocence. Was the fact that she wasn't breathing when she was born have some sort of effect on her?

About the author:
C.S. Warner grew up with a love of horror and supernatural films – as evident in her writing. Because of that passion, she has worked on ghost tours and as a paranormal investigator to give her stories life. Using her experience as a foundation for her writing, C.S. Warner creates worlds for her readers to get lost in.



It was early morning, still dark, as Ken sat in the hospital room. A female nurse was informing him on how to read the monitor in front of him. “This tracks the baby’s heart beat.” She pointed to the line on the screen, “You’ll see it go up and down during the course of labor.”
Carol lied on the hospital bed beside him, trying to portray herself as calm during each contraction. There was a silence between them. They had only briefly dated before Carol became pregnant.
Ken kept his idle focus on the blinking machine.
“Maybe some TV while we wait?” Carol pleaded with her best pout, still trying to win Ken’s affections and sympathies. He reached to the table behind him and handed her the remote. He didn’t care what her choice was, his mind was racing. Another child? He had already come to his own conclusions; he would try to work things out with Carol into a real relationship. He liked her enough, but he already had two kids from a previous marriage that he barely saw. What if he did the same to this kid? He didn’t want that.

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