Monday, July 4, 2016

Is It Just Me

Is It Just Me... Or Is Everyone Crazy?

C. S. Warner

eBook: $0.99

Admiring from afar is one thing, but starting a relationship with her crush may prove more sinister for her than Lydia realizes. What is she supposed to do when he smiles that way at her?

It's a new semester with a new class schedule and Lydia finds that her crush is in one of her classes. Dealing with her mother's neurosis after her divorce gave Lydia a thick skin, but that might not be enough when she experiences Derek's unbalanced behavior. After a confusing first encounter they spend the next couple weeks going back and forth before her life as she knows it takes a drastic turn.

About the author:
C.S. Warner grew up with a love of horror and supernatural films – as evident in her writing. Because of that passion, she has worked on ghost tours and as a paranormal investigator to give her stories life. Using her experience as a foundation for her writing, C.S. Warner creates worlds for her readers to get lost in.



Several moments passed as she paced around, arguing with herself until finally walking outside. Leaving the front door unlocked, she looked around for the house number and street name before going back inside to use the landline to call Mariah’s cell. “I don’t know what happened, but please come and get me,” she pleaded then tried to explain the situation while ignoring the nervous feeling growing in the pit of her stomach.
Luckily, he had left his car unlocked. “Boys,” she said as she grabbed her bag out of the backseat and threw it into Mariah’s Fiat.
“You’re an idiot,” Mariah scolded.
“I know,” Lydia really didn’t want to talk about it; in fact, she was still going over everything that had happened, baffled, while trying to reason that maybe it was just his way of courting by playing uninterested and untamed.

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